Good Hair Day - GHD accused me of breaking faulty straightener

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Update by user Feb 10, 2012

This was finally resolved!GHD admitted that the straightener must have been damaged in the post, and is filing a claim with Royal Mail.

They sent me a new working straightener.I am still annoyed at how this was handled in the beginning, but at least they made things right.

Update by user Feb 06, 2012

Update: In my latest contact with GHD, they elaborated on their accusation by claiming that the straighteners were SCRATCHED! This is a complete lie.

Original review posted by user Feb 03, 2012

I purchased a GHD IV Styler flat iron directly from GHD.When I tried it out, I was extremely disappointed with it...

it didn't get hot enough to do a proper job of straightening my hair, and my hair is thin/barely wavy! I decided to return it, so I packaged it in bubble wrap and sent it back to them. A couple of weeks later I received a letter which said that the straightener was broken from "accidental damage" and because of this, they would either charge me to fix it or return the straightener to me broken. The problem with this is, when I sent it to them it was technically working, just poorly, and I didn't abuse or or damage it in any way!

They accused me of breaking the straightener when in fact it was just poorly made. I am extremely upset. Anyway, I purchased a Cloud 9 straightener instead and it's amazing! Much better than GHD.

Stay away from GHD...

crappy products and even worse customer service!I'm out £79 now and I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

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Good Hair Day - Ghd,nz

Auckland, Auckland 0 comments
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I paid $150 for a Instyler and used it 3 times when it blew up on me. Ihave e-mailed them 4 times to get an address to send it back for a refund or replacement and they still haven't responded.Allso on the advert it says it is cool on the hair but it isn't loads of smoke comes off your hair from the heat.I am very disapointed as it really made my very curly hair straight and shiny as if i had just stepped out of the hairdressers, if they would answer me and give me a replacement I would be happy.

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Good Hair Day - GHD hair Iron- Non delivery

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Update by user Jul 20, 2011

My order number is 579560. I purchased two hair care products along with this. I paid altogether Sri Lankan rupees 30000/= for this!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 20, 2011

I'm very unhappy about site. I bought 3 ghd hair products then they sent me an email to say they had received my order. After waiting more than one month I still had no products arrive in the post. I have emailed them several times and called them may times and have had no reply from them. They say that they do not have my tracking number. IS IT MY FAULT????

I raised my concern to the several times but still there's no reponse from them...

GHD hair irons are sooo unreliable!!! I'm very disspointed

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